When you choose to become a part of the world of martial arts, you deserve to enroll in a school whose foundation has been built on the commitment to its students to embrace the art; to encourage; to build confidence and strength of the body, the mind and spirit.  Grandmaster Bob Malvagno's School of Self Defense stands by this philosophy and will offer this to you and your family. Our instructor's are dedicated to teaching and developing exceptional self-defense technique to all of our students. Training involves more than physical technique; it also promotes Self-Discipline, Self-Awareness and Self-Improvement to help in all aspects of life - from young children to teenagers and adults to seniors, we aim to inspire this in all of our students. We invite you to encompass yourself in all of the aspects that martial arts has to offer you and to embark on the journey with Grandmaster Bob Malvagno's School of Self-Defense. 

Grandmaster Bob Malvagno's

School of Self Defense

**Grandmaster Bob Malvagno - 10th Dan Grand Master**

Grandmaster Bob Malvagno has over 46 years experience in the art of Jiu-Jitsu, Arnis de Mano, as well as grappling and sparring. He is the founder and president of the American Kobe Jiu Jitsu Federation, which was established in 1975. He was inducted into the World Head of Family Sokeship Council's Hall of Fame in 1995 and into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame as Grandmaster of the Year, in 1996. In May 2010, Just for Champions inducted him as the Original Pioneer of Martial Arts and awarded him the Elite Grandmaster Warrior of Honor Award.  Simultaneously, Bob Malvagno's School of Self Defense was inducted as the School of the Year for 2010.  As one of the few, true Grandmasters on Long Island, Grandmaster Bob is also a professional speaker, consultant, seminar leader, educator and entrepreneur. He has offered special training to members of the U.S.Treasury Department's Bureau of Customs and Suffolk County Probation Officers. He has also offered martial arts training for the Town of Oyster Bay's Rape Prevention Program, led seminars at local schools, as well as, instituted community seminars. He reaches audiences regarding stress management, self-esteem building and motivational awareness. Grandmaster Bob has dedicated his life to the martial arts. He has enveloped himself in the philosophy as well as the technique, and has deemed himself a life-learner to the art.